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Objects in the classroom in French

  • classroom = salle de cours
  • chair = la chaise
  • table = la table
  • door = la porte
  • interactive whiteboard = le tableau interactif
  • computer = l’ordinateur
  • pencils = les crayons
  • drawers = les tiroirs

French Lesson 40 – SCHOOL SUPPLIES Stationery Vocabulary – Fournitures scolaires Útiles escolares

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How to list French classroom objects?

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French classroom objects : list 1 un professeur. 2 des élèves. 3 un bureau. 4 une table. 5 des chaises. 6 un tableau. 7 un tableau interactif. 8 une porte. 9 des fenêtres. 10 un ordinateur. 11 du désordre. 12 de mauvais élèves. We are diligent. Are you diligent ? … This is the Quizlet link where you can learn the… More …

Is it important to know the vocabulary of the classroom objects?

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Indeed, it is systematically used in a French course. Knowing the vocabulary of the classroom objects in French will allow you to better understand and follow a French course. At the beginner level (A1 level), this is one of the things to learn and master.

How do you greet your teacher in French?

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You step into the salle de classe (the classroom) and are greeted immediately by your teacher. Madame Rose: Bienvenue! Comment ça va? (Hello! How are you?) You: Bonjour! Ça va bien, merci! (Hello, I’m doing well, thank you!) Madame Rose shows you to your seat and points out that a lot of things in the classroom are labeled.

How do you teach French vocabulary-matching?

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The words are introduced in groups of four, followed by a quick recap of each section. There are then two slides of French-English vocabulary-matching (8 words on each slide) followed by a gap-filling activity where students should fill in the correct choice from un and une, according to the gender of the word.

8 Practically Genius Ideas for Teaching French Vocabulary Effectively

  • 1. Language stories Rather than giving your students long vocabulary lists to memorize, build an emotional connection between your students and vocab words. How? By explaining their etymology and taking your class back in time. …
  • 2. Copycats …
  • 3. Contraire ! …
  • 4. When in Rome …
  • 5. Qu’est-ce que tu viens de dire ? …
  • 6. Vocabulary detectives …
  • 7. C’est tabou ! …
  • 8. Writer’s corner …
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100 French classroom objects – Learn French with Lara

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