For more than 15 years carrying out the mission of bringing happiness to millions of Vietnamese families , Furniture is proud to be the leader in the line of natural wood furniture, especially clove and walnut wood. senior dog. At Furniture, each product pays special attention to every detail to highlight the personality and style of the owner.


The construction process is strict, professional and public so that customers can grasp the production process and proactively arrange it. Interior is committed to implementing the agreed process

1. Contact for information

Customers present requirements for layout, design, color, style… The consultant will survey the customer’s preferences and style to shape the interior style.

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2. Sketchy idea

From the collected information, the designer makes a preliminary design including a reference layout drawing, suggestive document images, comments and corrections from the customer

3. General quotation.

Based on the survey information, the exchange agreement between the two parties and the submitted layout drawings, the customer will be given a general quote on many packages in terms of materials and overall price, thereby choosing the right package. with total investment.

4. Design contract

Sign the design contract. After signing, Interiors conducts 3D drawing of the indoor area, 2D drawings of the main floor and technical drawings for each cluster and each piece of furniture.

5. Official construction quotation.

After agreeing on the “proposal package”, the customer will receive an official quotation and sign an agreement on materials and Interior is responsible for supervising the design and production until the date of completion. completed and handed over.

6. Production of finished products.

Immediately after receiving the deposit from the investor, the production process will be conducted through the following steps:

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6.1 Selection of wood and boards: Wood and boards are carefully selected, without defects, without cracks and peeling, ensuring the requirements according to quality criteria.

6.2.Production ingot: Wood is made into raw material for the following stage.

6.3.Building product frames: Customers will be invited to inspect and evaluate product quality.

6.4. Surface treatment: After the billet processing and framing is thoroughly checked, the product is transferred to the paint department for surface finishing.

7. Acceptance

When completed, the acceptance will be based on drawings, contracts as well as the construction process for both parties to compare.

WHY SHOULD CHOOSE CONSTRUCTION AT INTERIOR? Furniture is a unit that is transferred technology directly from abroad. invests in a large-scale factory system with modern equipment and a team of skilled and experienced construction workers. This is the element that creates sophisticated and meticulous details that help honor the style and personality of the owner’s ideas.  Furniture uses mainly natural wood, notably the Walnut and Clove wood lines imported directly from North America, through a strict inspection and processing process according to International standards.

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Trong Tin owns a large and professional interior showroom, helping customers experience and feel the products directly.



All products of Furniture have many years of warranty. The staff, engineers, designers are constantly improving their professional skills, improving machines, learning sophisticated furniture manufacturing techniques, modern interior accessories and equipment all over the world. to meet the needs of domestic and foreign customers.



If you have an idea for your space, please share it with us, so that can realize your dream. Trong Tin Furniture commits to customers:

Let Furniture help you become the prestigious owner of the most prestigious, unique and luxurious interior designs.

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