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DBQ: French Revolution

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What caused the French Revolution Dbq?

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The most important long-range causes of this revolution, however, were the ideas of the Enlightenment, the unfair taxes, the gap between the rich and poor, and the American Revolution…show more content…

What caused the French Revolution?

The causes can be narrowed to five main factors: the Estate System, Absolutism, ideas stemming from the Enlightenment, food shortages, and The American Revolution. The Estate System in France was essentially a caste system that ranked and placed people into groups based on wealth and power.

What was the main cause of the French Revolution essay?

Ultimately, there was three main reasons for the French Revolution. The Estate System, economic policies and autocratic monarchy gave rise to a bloody revolution, which led to the need for equality, liberty and fraternity in France.

What were the main causes of French Revolution answer in points?

The primary cause of the French Revolution was the dissatisfaction of the common people with the absolute monarchy of King Louis XVI. Other causes include economic inequality and social injustice. Answer. The French Revolution began on July 14, 1789, with the storming of the Bastille.

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What are the 6 causes of the French Revolution?

The 6 Main Causes of the French Revolution
  • Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette. France had an absolute monarchy in the 18th century – life centred around the king, who had complete power. …
  • Inherited problems. …
  • The Estates System & the bourgeoise. …
  • Taxation & money. …
  • The Enlightenment. …
  • Bad luck.

What did the Lord Acton believe caused the French Revolution?

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Lord Acton, an English philosopher and historian, argued that the French Revolution happened due to the following three factors: The fall of absolutism – the decline in the power of royal power. The growth of new ideas – an increase in individualism. Economic and social change – modernizing society.

What 3 reasons caused the French Revolution?

The causes can be narrowed to five main factors: the Estate System, Absolutism, ideas stemming from the Enlightenment, food shortages, and The American Revolution.

What influenced the French Revolution?

The Americans’ victory over the British may have been one of the greatest catalysts for the French Revolution. The French people saw that a revolt could be successful—even against a major military power–and that lasting change was possible. Many experts argue that this gave them the motivation to rebel.

What movement led to the French Revolution?

The underlying causes of the French Revolution are generally seen as arising from the failure of the Ancien Régime to manage social and economic inequality. Rapid population growth and the inability to adequately finance government debt resulted in economic depression, unemployment and high food prices.

How did philosophers cause the French Revolution?

The philosophers played an important role in the French revolution. They inspired the common mass of France with their revolutionary ideas and prepared them to fight against injustices. Among them were Voltaire, Rousseau, Montesquieu and Diderot. Their revolutionary ideas encouraged people to fight for their rights.

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What changes in the French government did the third estate demand?

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But the dramatic inequality in voting—the Third Estate represented more people, but only had the same voting power as the clergy or the nobility—led to the Third Estate demanding more voting power, and as things developed, more rights.

Why did the 3rd estate want to change the French government?

Historians believe that one of the reasons the French Revolution came about was the disatisfaction of members of the Third Estate, who wanted a more equal distribution of wealth and power.

What did the Third Estate demand from Louis XVI?

The Third Estate wanted voting to be done by the assembly as a whole where each member would have one vote. This demand was rejected by Louis XVI.

Why was the 3rd estate unhappy with the French government?

Regardless of their property and wealth, members of the Third Estate were subject to inequitable taxation and were politically disregarded by the Ancien Régime. This exclusion contributed to rising revolutionary sentiment in the late 1780s.

What happened to the Third Estate during the French Revolution?

The Third Estate comprised all other members of french society (the commoners). The vast majority of the population belonged to the Third Estate (roughly 98% of 27 million people). Despite its size, the Third Estate was largely excluded from political power until the creation of the National Assembly in June 1789.

How did the French National Assembly attempt to deal with problems that caused the French Revolution?

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The National Assembly played a major role in the French Revolution. It represented the common people of France (also called the Third Estate) and demanded that the king make economic reforms to insure that the people had food to eat.

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How did the National Assembly change France during the French Revolution?

On August 4, 1789, the National Constituent Assembly abolished feudalism (action triggered by numerous peasant revolts), sweeping away both the seigneurial rights of the Second Estate and the tithes (a 10% tax for the Church) collected by the First Estate.

Did the National Assembly cause the French Revolution?

As well, the issuing of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen by the National Constituent Assembly helped spark the first major violent act of the French Revolution; the storming of the Bastille.

What were the actions taken by the National Convention during the French Revolution?

Among its early acts were the formal abolition of the monarchy (September 21) and the establishment of the republic (September 22). The struggles between two opposing Revolutionary factions, the Montagnards and the Girondins, dominated the first phase of the Convention (September 1792 to May 1793).

How did the National Assembly reform France?

From 1789 to 1791 the National Assembly acted as a constituent assembly, drafting a constitution for the new regime while also governing from day to day. The constitution established a limited monarchy, with a clear separation of powers in which the king was to name and dismiss his ministers.


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