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Freak the Mighty – Full Audiobook Ch 1-25

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What does Freak give Max and what does he ask Max to do with it?

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He gives Max a book that looks just like the dictionary he got for Christmas—but it’s blank. Freak wants Max to fill it with their adventures. He says he will be too busy adjusting to his new bionic body so Max will have to do it.

What was Freak gift to Max?


The book ends with the dictionary that Freak compiled of his favorite words and gave to Max for Christmas.

What does Kevin give Max in Freak the Mighty?

Kevin gives Max an empty book similar to the dictionary that he gave Max at Christmas. He wants Max to use to write down all of their adventures. Despite Max’s reluctance to write, Kevin insists that he will be so busy getting used to his new body that it has to be Max.

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Why did Freak give Max a dictionary?

So Freak creates this dictionary because he sees potential in Max—a potential that Max certainly doesn’t see in himself. Max doesn’t read because he thinks he is dumb, but Freak helps him along by making it interesting and, more important, less intimidating.

What does grim give Max in Freak the Mighty?

By Rodman Philbrick

When he gets home and the police explain what happened, Gram gives Max a big bowl of ice cream.

Why Kevin and Max call themselves Freak the Mighty?

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Before long, Kevin begins riding on top of Max’s shoulders everywhere they go. While Max has the physical strength that Kevin lacks, Kevin is the brains of the operation. Together, they become ‘Freak the Mighty’.

What is Kevin’s secret in Freak the Mighty?

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Published in 1993, it was followed by the novel Max the Mighty in 1998. The primary characters are friends Maxwell Kane, a large, developmentally disabled, but kind-hearted boy, and Kevin Avery, nicknamed “Freak”, who is physically disabled but very intelligent. Kevin is diagnosed with Morquio syndrome.

What secret does Freak tell Max?

Freak tells Max they do medical experiments in there. In fact, there’s an experimental bionics unit that’s developing a bionic robot for human modification. Max has no clue what this means. Freak explains that he’s going to be the first bionically improved human being.

Does Max believe Kevin’s secret about his medical future?

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Max does not believe him and just wants to go home to rest his feet, but Kevin is so insistent that Max soon realizes, he is not playing. Kevin really believes he is going to be the first recipient of a full-body transplant! Details about a series of tests he has undergone in preparation of his transplant emerge.

What happened to Kevin in Freak the Mighty?

Unexpectedly on his 13th birthday, Kevin has a seizure. In the hospital, he dies, because as his doctor puts it, “his heart became too big for his body”. In the film, Kevin’s last name was changed from Avery to Dillon. Grim is Maxwell’s grandfather.

What gift has Kevin made for Max?

Kevin has made Max an incredible, pyramid-shaped box that unfolds to reveal a small platform at the press of a button. On the platform is a hand-made dictionary of Kevin’s favorite words. Max thinks this is the best present ever as he reads ‘ABSCISSA, the horizontal truth.

What is the meaning of Freak the Mighty?

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After hanging out for a while, this dynamic duo forms “Freak the Mighty,” which is basically Freak sitting on Max’s shoulders. Together, these two are unstoppable; after all, it is Freak’s huge brain on Max’s huge body.

What is the message of Freak the Mighty?

In Rodman Philbrick’s young adult novel Freak the Mighty, some of the themes include isolation versus friendship; that people are not always what they seem; and that with persistence and the right people around you, you can overcome any obstacle.

What is Freak the Mighty story about?

A brilliant, emotionally charged novel about two boys. One is a slow learner, too large for his age, and the other is a tiny, disabled genius. The two pair up to create one formidable human force known as “Freak the Mighty”.

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Why do they call themselves Freak the Mighty?

The primary characters are friends Maxwell Kane, a large, developmentally disabled, but kind-hearted boy, and Kevin Avery, nicknamed “Freak”, who is physically disabled but very intelligent. Kevin is diagnosed with Morquio syndrome.

Freak the Mighty.
First edition
Author Rodman Philbrick
ISBN 0-7857-6594-8
Followed by Max the Mighty

What is Freak the Mighty based on?

Answer: The idea for ‘Freak The Mighty’ was inspired by the personality of a real boy. Like Kevin he suffered from a disease that made him very short. Like Kevin he had a big friend who sometimes carried him around. And like Kevin the real boy was highly intelligent, and interested in both language and science.


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