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What is stream_context_create()?

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A valid context resource created with stream_context_create () . On success a stream resource is returned which may be used together with the other file functions (such as fgets (), fgetss () , fwrite (), fclose (), and feof () ), false on failure.

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How to connect to a Unix domain socket using stream_socket_client?

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stream_socket_client is much easier and faster to use to direct sockets, because you can use directly fwrite / fget / fclose functions, but I find hard to find how to connect to a UNIX domain socket. The URL to use is “udg:///path/to/socket”. fwrite($socket, …);

Secondly, I wrote a server and a client following the asio examples (under unix domain socket) by replacing stream_protocol with seqpacket_protocol and using various combinations of protocol() and type() until the forementioned one. The server runs fine, but the client fails to connect() throwing: “Exception: connect: Invalid argument”.

How does a client send a file to a server?

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The client would be sending the file as small chunks as a streaming requests. The server assumes that first request would be the metadata request and subsequent request would be for file content. The server will be writing the file content as and when it receives.

Can stream_context_create Ressource be re-used?

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Don’t try to re-use the ressource returned by stream_context_create. It seems not to work when connecting to different domains using https. Here’s a very simple way to do posts easily without need of cURL or writing an http request by hand using the tcp:// wrapper.

stream contexts are re-usable and they can be re-used always, not often. The comment from @ilpaijin pointing to “unpredicted behaviour comment” is simple a misunderstanding of the author leaving the comment.


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