Brand Story

Every detail, every product and every image is the mark, the story that comodecorar.org wants to convey to each customer. comodecorar.org hopes that each of its collections, products and services will become a part of every Vietnamese family’s nest, as a message of “bringing love to every living space” . Towards convenience, minimalism and environmental friendliness is an aspiration that comodecorar.org constantly pursues.

It is the spreading desires that make the house truly a “home” , 04/2021 Vietnamese furniture brand comodecorar.org was shaped and born. As a part of Savimex with 30 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting furniture to countries such as the US, Japan, Korea, etc., comodecorar.org continues to inherit and promote to bring Vietnamese furniture products to Vietnamese people. 100% made in Vietnam according to international standards, ensuring health and safety at a very reasonable cost.


“Sustainability” is a concept that defines development in all aspects but still ensures that development exists in a state of balance. Bringing the concept of “sustainability” into interior products and services is a pioneering and challenging step that comodecorar.org constantly strives to spread and inspire a positive lifestyle, sustainable consumption. more for a green planet’s future.